3 Cannabis Tonics For A Rainy Day

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When the clouds come out for winter, everyone in the PNW knows that they are here to stay for quite awhile. In Washington, we love the overcast weather, but sometimes even the biggest grey day fan craves a little bit of sunshine. Here at Elevation Recreation, we can’t give you sunshine- but we do have the next best thing- cannabis tonics. These relaxing beverages turn a rather drab day into a much more exciting or relaxing one. You might even forget the cold. But what to choose? Check out some of tasty options below.

Mocha Coffee Tonic (Sativa)

Cannabis and coffee? We can’t think of a better way to start the day. This quality, delicious drink is great for keeping up energy for creative projects and otherwise. The energetic feeling is accompanied by a nice bodily relaxation, like many of our fine edibles. This delicious drink comes from Mirth, with 80mg THC per bottle. Try dosing a little at a time to find your sweet spot.

Cranberry Tonic (CBD/ THC 1 to 1)

This bubbly cranberry juice infusion is a favorite of our budtenders- the light, refreshing nature of the beverage makes it a little difficult to take just one sip. Medical patients also love this beverage for easy dosing. Containing 80mg THC, it’s a potent and flavorful option to savor. It might even make digesting all those holiday meals a little easier- the 80mg CBD relaxing away any anxiety and releasing tension.

Lemon Ginger Dream Tonic (Indica)

Lemon and ginger are a classic combination that helps battle colds, boost the immune system, and helps with digestion. In this lovely tonic, the best of both worlds comes together for a tangy, sweet drink. It is amazing for before napping or going to bed, or even for just a little more chill energy during the day. With just 10mg THC, it is a great option for beginners, as well as those with a low cannabis tolerance!

What’s your favorite cannabis infusion? Let us know on Facebook, or see you next time at our Shelton, Washington cannabis store.