3 Edibles To Treat Yourself With At High Elevation

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If you’re looking for high quality cannabis edibles in Shelton, Washington, our new and rapidly expanding selection is sure to whet your appetite. Our menu is constantly being updated with fresh new products and combinations, but we’ve singled out some of the most popular for you in the list below, along with a short explanation on the criteria we use to select them. Take a look and come visit our shop to try one out for yourself:

Magic Kitchen: Chocolate Peanut Butter Cookie

A single Chocolate Peanut Butter cookie contains 10 milligrams of THC, giving it a firm, pleasant dosage ideal for newcomers and seasoned cannabis veterans alike. This is a particularly good dosage for you if you’re used to smoking or vaping cannabis and are interested in seeing how you respond to edible options. From a 10 milligram dose, you can safely and easily gauge what you consider an ideal dose: This could be anywhere from 5 milligrams to 20—each individual’s metabolism is different.

Magic Kitchen also prepares chocolate caramel chews and apple-flavored candy pebbles. If their delicious chocolate peanut butter cookie doesn’t appeal to your tastes, you can aways try their other products anytime you come into High Elevation. Just ask!

Botanica Seattle: Chocolate Chip Spot Bites

Packed in each serving of spot bites is a 30 milligram dose of THC, which makes it a bit of a heavyweight in the single-serving edible category. If you have experience in edibles and are looking for a special treat, Botanica Seattle has the right products for you. You can even choose between Indica and Sativa variants, based on your particular preference—come visit our shop to find out more about our selection of spot bites.

Our partners at Botanica Seattle also provide us with chocolate chip cookies. Again, indica and sativa varieties are both available, and you can even order select packages that include both. Why not try each one out for yourself?

Legal: Tonic Cranberry

One of the nice things about our Tonic Cranberry edible is that it features a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD. While THC is responsible for the psychoactive effects of cannabis, CBD is a non-psychoactive element of the natural cannabis flower that increases wakefulness and decreases the anxiety and stress commonly associated with marijuana edibles. Our Tonic Cranberry product features 80 milligram doses of both THC and CBD, which lets you portion out your serving over multiple individual doses with ease.

If you’re interested in more products that combine THC and CBD for synergistic effects, check out out Honey Lemon Dropz. These contain 10 milligrams of CBD for every .6 milligrams of THC, making them a very smooth, lightweight edible you can treat yourself to at any time. We also have pure CBD caps that are useful supplements for anyone who wants to enjoy the physical effects of cannabis consumption without the psychoactive element.

Discover all of the fascinating edibles in our extensive selection by visiting our Shelton, Oregon cannabis location. Our team at High Elevation is always happy to find the right product for your needs.


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