3 Must-See Spots In The Hoh Rainforest

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The Hoh Rainforest, if you didn’t know already, is a temperate rainforest in Washington. Why is it called a rainforest? Because, even though Washington is known for long, rainy days, the Hoh receives up to 14 feet a year. That’s a lot of rain, and because of that, this forest bursts with life. But what are the best things to do in the Hoh Rainforest? Here are our three favorites.

Visit the Beach

A great space for bird watching, Ruby Beach is home to many diverse wildlife. Watch the puffins nest in their rocky outposts, or the sea swirl as you meditate on the pull of this place. Coming here is a unique way to clear out the clutter, and see nature at it’s most beautiful. Protected for its wildlife, as well as it’s unique features, Ruby Beach is a must see for your bucket list.

Go For a Hike

There are many gorgeous trails in the rainforest, but if you are looking for a long, beautiful hike,The Hoh River Trail is 18 miles, following the Hoh. See the diverse species that depend on the delicate balances of nature to sustain them, as well as the ecosystem around them. Make sure you backpack out with enough water, food, and possibly a sleeping bag and other camping supplies for this trek. You are in for quite the hike.

Camp and Enjoy

There are a variety of camping options available, but they fill up fast. Camping is really the best way to take the whole of the Hoh in, from beaches, to rivers and the bulk of the forest. Kalaloch is open all year and has 175 campsites, but there are other campsites in South Beach from Memorial Day to September. Bring the family, but make sure to leave nothing behind, and leave no trace- this forest is full of life, and must be preserved for the generations to come.


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