4 Cannabis Tonics for a Rainy Day At Elevation Recreation

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Cannabis tonics —or cannabis tinctures as they’re often called— occupy a very special and often-overlooked space in the recreational cannabis world. These certainly aren’t the first thing the average newcomer thinks of when coming into our shop for the first time, but they carry a number of benefits that other products don’t quite address.

While smoking cannabis gives you immediate control over your dosage, it can be hard on the lungs and produces telltale smoke that makes it impossible to consume with any discretion. Vaping is an acceptable workaround that avoids damaging users’ lungs, but it still produces plumes that announce your activity and mood state to just about anybody in your vicinity. Edibles, on the other hand, are far more discrete, but controlling your dosage with precision is challenging when dealing with a cookie or a chocolate bar.

Thus we enter the world of cannabis tonics. Made by infusing cannabis flowers in food-grade glycerine, the resulting liquid is packaged in droplet containers that you can apply to food, drinks, or even directly under the tongue with absolute precision.

Cannabis Tonics on a Rainy Day

The ability to add a dose of THC to just about any food or drink makes our selection of cannabis tonics ideal for a rainy day spent indoors. Our tinctures come from a variety of local distributors who design their products for specific purposes:

The Reader’s Companion

Fancy a cup of hot chocolate while sitting by your bedroom window, reading your favorite book? Instead of going through the long, laborious process of making cannabis butter and infusing it into your beverage, you can simply drop THC directly in using Beverage Concentrate by Ethos Innovates. Made from an Indica concentrate, this tincture is designed to supplement any beverage on the market, from hot coffees to cold soft drinks and more.

Ethos Sleep Tincture

It is well known that certain cannabinoids can help reduce insomnia and promote a good night’s rest. Tinctures, by their very nature, make a great vehicle for treating insomnia. Try adding a dose of Ethos Innovates’ (Sleep) High CBN Tincture to a chamomile tea and let yourself relax into a deep and satisfying slumber. This product’s combination of Indica-specific cannabinoids will guide you smoothly into a state of perfect tranquility.

Morning Glory

If you’re a wake-and-bake type of person but you have reservations about smoking and vaping cannabis, try placing a drop of our (Awake) Spray Tincture in your morning cup of coffee. This particular tincture features active Sativa compounds that promote alertness and well-being, complementing dark French roasts as well as light cappuccinos and milk-infused beverages.

The Greener Tea Smoothie

Matcha green tea smoothies have a special place in our hearts, and nothing does them better justice than a well-deserved THC boost. All you need to do is blend together green tea matcha (available at any import supermarket), yogurt and a tablespoon of honey with crushed ice cubes. After the fact, squeeze a drop of Beverage Concentrate by Ethos Innovates to make your green tea smoother even greener—the perfect accompaniment to a rainy morning, day or night.

Do you have a tonic recipe you swear by? Come into our dispensary and let us know—we love hearing about new and creative ways to use the products we carry.

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