Artistic Endeavors for the Elevated

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There is only one word for the weather that has come around the corner recently, announcing itself with gusts of air, and bringing along a clingy partner to the party. You learn the partner’s name is drizzle, but what of this mystery guest you did not invite? You should be able to tell by the ice blue skin, and the hands like bare branches. The cold is here, and if the deserted pathways outside are any indication, people are spending less and less time outside. So what should you do with your elevated self, while the cold continues its on again off again relationship? It’s time to get artistic. Here are a few artistic endeavors to take on this winter season:

Draw And Color Mandalas

The newest trend in relaxation is coloring books for adults. If you don’t have enough time to draw your own Mandala, pick up one of those instead. You may also like drawing your own mandalas. What is great about it, is the shapes that take form come naturally from your mind, and they don’t have to be perfect. Drawing Mandalas is a stress relieving activity that allows you to process your busy life, and is perfect while you consume. You might even find the forms you make are substantially different depending on mood state.

Make A Self Portrait

Have you ever tried to draw yourself? If you have, have you done so on cannabis? Use a photo for reference and start drawing away once the cannabis hits. You might be surprised by the way you represent yourself, especially if you use color. Try multiple times to see how your skills develop, and how your mood state interacts with your perception of self.

Play An Instrument

You have an instrument. You think about playing it every now and then, but mostly it just sits in a dusty corner of your room and makes you feel bad about yourself. Instead of digging through Netflix, trying to find something you haven’t already watched, why not play your instrument? It doesn’t have to be hard, either. Depending on what you’d like to learn, there are lots of programs online that can make learning an instrument easy, and even, visual. We recommend this for the next time you find yourself elevated. You’ll feel so much better the next time you look at your instrument.

What are your favorite artistic pursuits when elevated? Let us know on Facebook, or at our Shelton, Washington cannabis store.