Beginners Tips For Cannabis at High Elevation

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Although cannabis has been legalized in Washington for some time, you may be surprised at the number of cannabis newbies that regularly visit our location. So, before you take the first puff of your newly acquired pre-roll from our cannabis store, check out these tips for a great first time experience with cannabis. Also remember, cannabis is often the most fun with friends and someone experienced to guide you along the way.

Ways to Consume:

Some of the easiest ways to consume cannabis involve a pipe, pre-roll or edible. Choosing flower is the most comfortable way to begin, but edibles may be a better option for those sensitive to smoke and not ready to invest in a quality vaporizer. If you are choosing flower, consider the kind of personality you are. If you tend to be prone to anxiety, an Indica or Indica dominant hybrid may be a more soothing option than a Sativa. Indica’s have a better track record for body relaxation, and the head high is less distracting as well as easier to consume at night for a relaxing night’s sleep.


If you are a very laid back person who wants a little extra energy, a sativa may be a better way to begin, particularly in the morning. Start by lighting your pre-roll, joint rolled by a good friend or bowl- making sure to cover the carb (small hole usually on one side of the bowl) to get a good hit. If you are unused to smoking, remember to inhale smoothly and slowly, exhaling if any irritation should occur. And don’t worry, a little coughing is normal. Just keep a glass of water nearby as you begin.


For edibles, starting with 5 milligram servings is the best way to see how any edible will affect you. Wait several hours after each dose to determine your level of elevation, and only add more in 5 milligram doses. Once you become more comfortable, determining your dose will be easier- but keep in mind, the THC will hit you harder and faster on an empty stomach, and much more gradually and slowly with a full stomach. Adjust accordingly and consider eating a piece of fruit with your dose.

Eat Something!

If you find yourself a little too stoned for your liking, consider eating some food and drinking some water. Try something like a banana, with will help your muscles feel more relaxed, or even have a comforting bowl of soup or crunch some chips. Eating can mitigate the high, but be careful cooking. Zoning out while you operate a stove is never a good idea.

To grind or not to grind?

Depending on the crowd you generally hang out with, some will have a grinder on hand at all times, and other will insist on breaking the bud with their fingers, or even taking large chunks and igniting them in the bowl. All of these methods work, but your personal preference is really what matters here. As you gain experience you will have your own cannabis rituals, but trying different products and techniques means learning more about the unique cannabis plant. If you are rolling a joint, you will almost always want to have a grinder on hand for a smooth smoking experience.

Take it slow and stay comfortable

The best advice for a beginning cannabis consumer is to take it slow. Vaporizing and smoking cannabis can take 20-30 minutes to take effect, while edibles can take an hour to several hours to take effect. Cannabis can be very overwhelming to deal with if you take in too much, and can lead to an uncomfortable night. Don’t let more experienced cannabis users talk you into trying more than a few puffs or milligrams at a time. Everyone’s body reacts differently to cannabinoids. Stay safe, comfortable, and away from the wheel while you are still elevated.

What is some of your best advice for a first timer? Let us know on Facebook, or at our Shelton, Washington location. We love hearing your stories!

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