Beyond The Cookie: Three Less Common Ways To Consume Cannabis

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Chances are, after the many changes in Cannabis in Washington, you may be fairly familiar with pre-rolls, chocolate edibles, and maybe even had your first dab or two. All of this is exciting, and with the variety High Elevation offers, our flower selection by itself can keep you excited for quite some time. What you might not have indulged in yet, however, is some powerful alternatives to the more traditional ways of ingesting cannabis- by pipe, by vape, or by brownie. But what are the alternatives? Well, here at High Elevation we have put together a list of our favorites.

Transdermal Patches

Whether high CBD or THC, transdermal patches are often slow releasing, meaning your relaxation can continue throughout the day. Often a sticky patch is applied to an inconspicuous part of the body, where it will work its magic in silence. Some even last 24 hours! This slow release can mean a microdose for those more accustomed to Cannabis. Our Mary’s Transdermal Patch is both High CBD and THC, making for the ultimate combination of body and mind elevation. Just be cautious, and of course, never drive and use our products at the same time. 😉


These little herbal remedies can pack a whole lot of punch. Made from the soaking of cannabis in a solvent, sometimes just a few drops does the job. During the cold season, it can limit your discomfort, and help you get the rest you need to get back on your feet. One of our favorite tinctures is Awake Spray Tincture. This energizing spray can start your day, or end your day with soothing energy, and is also great for the diligent micro-doser.

Sensual Oil

Yes, you heard us right. Sensual oil has come to the world of Cannabis, and yes, you can buy it at High Elevation. THC infused sensual oil has a tingle that can make a back massage heaven, or well, you know. Our customers have raved about our Bond Sensual Oil. And don’t worry about asking our budtenders. Chances are, they love the stuff, because THC sensual oil is too good a thing to pass up.

What’s your most unique method for consuming cannabis? Send us a comment on Facebook, or let our friendly budtenders know at our Shelton, Washington store! Like the photo from this blog? Check out more here.