Cannabis Gear to Remember for Your Next Adventure

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Adventures come in all kinds, whether a hike through the woods, or a simple road trip across the Northwest. Regardless of your destination, adventure is a great partner for cannabis when used in situations where consuming it are safe. But what are the minimum requirements to prepare you for an elevated adventure? Below are a few things you should consider for your next trip!


Joints, or prerolls as cannabis stores now call them are amazing for an impromptu smoke session. Shareable and tasty, buying a quality preroll can mean a smooth, unburdened experience for you and your friends. If you are feeling more inclined to ritual, buying your own papers can help build the excitement as you crumble fine flower and prepare to enjoy. Crutches, those little pieces of peelable paper mean a joint that you can smoke all the way to the end, enjoying every moment of your resinous flower.


Having backup for a variety of cannabis experiences is necessary for the flexible adventurer. Extra lighters and hempwick for a smoke without the butane inhalation make for a smooth, natural experience as well as ensuring you are never left without a light. For those of you who don’t enjoy large bowls or paper wrapped cannabis, a chillum is a good addition to your pack. With a deeper bowl than the average one hitter, chillums allow you to get the best taste an experience from your flower in a small package.

Smokeless Options

For those with sensitive lungs or not interested in smoking cannabis, a vape pen can be amazing for discrete dosing. At their most basic, vape pens contain a cartridge and a rechargeable battery, becoming more complex as the variety of functions it performs increases. Cannabis beverages are also a good option coming in a variety of THC and CBD concentrations. Just be careful as these potent edibles can take several hours to kick in. Another staple to consider taking is CBD tincture. Helping promote body relaxation and other benefits, CBD is non psychoactive meaning all the benefits without the head high.

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Photo by Jeff.