Cats and Cannabis- Two ways to get through the cold months.

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Here at High Elevation, we love our pets. But, especially our cats. Cats are kind of amazing. Wherever they land, their population explodes, even without the help of domestication and breeding. That’s right, cats aren’t just so common today because we love them as pets, but also because they dominate their physical environment. From the largest to the smallest cat, we sometimes forget that these fuzzy felines are predators that are fit to survive in a multitude of environments. But what do cats have to do with cannabis? And how can we capitalize on their survival skills? This we will explore below.

Cats, Cannabis and Illness

Are you a medical marijuana patient? It could be that your cat is helping you make the most of your medicinal cannabis. In fact, the frequency cats purr at (between 20 and 140 hertz) has been found to be helpful for a variety of illnesses, according to Scientific American. So, the next time you have some tincture, edible or otherwise, cuddle up with your cat afterwards. It could make all the difference!

Cats and Depression

You already know that cats help with your mood state. How hard is it to keep being sad when a cat is purring on your chest? Pretty hard. Now, imagine the benefits of consuming cannabis and having a cat. Many strains help combat symptoms of depression, anxiety and other mental health issues. Together they are the perfect match, giving you a double whammy to combat your blues. Just watch out when you go outside! You may be covered in fuzz!

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