CBD Products We Love

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By now most everyone knows that CBD is a non-psychoactive cannabinoid, but what you may not know is the variety of CBD products our cannabis store offers. We offer topicals, edibles, and even high CBD flower, for a variety of ways for you to consume this medically useful cannabinoid. Here are a few of our customer favorites to check out on your next trip to Elevation Recreation.


Flow Gel Rub – FW

Flow Gel Rub soaks deep into your muscles quickly and with no sticky residue, absorbing into the skin easily. It is great for rubbing into your neck, back, joints, or almost anything that can ache, or generally annoy you. Relax into the CBD rich feeling of this quality cannabis product, and enjoy the benefits it brings. It’s a surprise every time.

Remarkable High CBD Spray – EI

A great cannabis innovation, our Remarkable High CBD Spray can really turn an uncomfortable day into something amazing. Just as useful for daytime as night, this spray is effective without bogging down the mind, and is delivered in the most convenient way possible for travel. It is high elevation at its most simple.  


Mary’s Transdermal Compound 1:1- MM

Mary’s Transdermal is fantastic for slow release, long lasting tension management. Our 1:1 compound means a double punch- releasing pain and nausea, and allowing you to get back to what matters most. Mary’s Transdermal is also very discrete, the smell pleasant and not obvious, and makes for a great anytime dosage. This is a particular favorite of our medical patients.


What CBD product do you find most effective? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hi at our Shelton, Washington cannabis store.