Chocolate-Lovers Edibles

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Sometimes when you grab a potent edible, the chocolate melts too fast, and you’re left with an even bigger hunger for a sweet treat. Other times, a low dose edible might be just the thing you need to relax for the night without becoming too high, especially for beginner cannabis enthusiasts. This is for you, the chocolate lovers and the lovers of quality edibles you can munch on. Check out a few of these budtender favorite varieties at our store in Shelton, Washington.

420 Dark Chocolate 1:1 – EH
THC: 10mg CBD: 10mg

Our 420 Dark Chocolate edible, with an even dose of both CBD and THC is very relaxing. Equally suiting both nighttime and daytime, the high is mild and warm, reaching both muscles and mind. The chocolate is the melt in your mouth kind of luscious that hits the spot, calming the digestive system, and leaving the consumer with a light-hearted openness.

420 Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 1:1 – EH
THC: 10mg CBD: 10mg

Want a little adventure? This 1:1 THC and CBD edible is just for you. The dark chocolate pairs wonderfully with the little bumps of sea salt, melting and contrasting with a fine snap. A happy high containing one to two doses, depending on your tolerance, this edible will satisfy and soothe even the most rabid chocolate lover. You might even get a few more for later.

CBD/THC Dark Chocolates – Honu
THC: 9.18mg CBD: 8.19mg

A lower dose option for those very sensitive to cannabis, you may even considering splitting this chocolate in two. With a nearly one to one ratio, this chocolate is effective without being overpowering. Honu produces consistently delicious edibles for those just sticking their toes in, or those who are searching for an even more potent experience. One thing’s for sure- this delicious chocolate will never disappoint.

What’s your favorite chocolate edible? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hi at our Shelton, Washington cannabis store!