Concentrates to Elevate

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Buying concentrates is a tricky business, but at High Elevation, our friendly budtenders are very helpful in selecting the best concentrate for you. Whether wax, shatter or crumble we have your needs covered. But what to choose?  We have concentrates in both Indica and Sativa as well as high CBD varieties. Check out three of our finest selections below, handpicked by our budtenders.

Afgoo Crumble – DoC THC: 67.6mg CBD: 2.4mg Indica

Afgoo is a euphoric strain- as well as body heavy, helping with pain, and soothing many into a deeper sleep. For an experienced cannabis connoisseur, our crumble has the delicious taste of Afgoo, and further, the energetic and torpid characteristics of the strain. This crumble makes a delicious topping for a bowl or joint. CBD rounds out the experience, making it an equally great choice for medical and recreational customers alike.

Black Lime Shatter – SPP THC: 77.7mg Hybrid

Black lime is a citrusy, earthy strain with a smell that is not forgotten once you take a noseful. In potent shatter form this hybrid is a euphoric, energetic high that can be beautiful for a walk or just to make things a bit more interesting. Don’t be surprised if you get a little giggly- it is all part of the black lime experience, a happy balance of terpenes with a kick.

Black Diesel Wax – HG THC: 78.37mg CBD: 1.05mg Hybrid

The flavor of the dense purple strain this wax hails from comes through powerfully. The most potent and hard hitting on this list, we recommend this dabbable only to experienced cannabis connoisseurs and medical patient. This hybrid concentrate with a touch of cbd is quite the elevated experience. This wax is smooth and relaxed and gets the job done with just a very small dab.

What are your favorite kinds of concentrates? Let us know on Facebook or stop by our Shelton, Washington cannabis store!