Cookies, Chocolate, and Cannabis For Valentine’s Day At High Elevation

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When you picture Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind? For some it might be a wine and cheese night filled with romance. For others it might be the deep taste of chocolate in those iconic heart boxes, whether hedonistically consumed alone or with another. These deliciously flavored carts are a great compliment to these holiday flavors, and a relaxing way to spend the night with your significant other, date, or as a personal treat. Here are our favorite Cannabis concentrate cartridges.

Chocolope Vape –NCS

This wonderful and powerful vape cartridge comes in at 75.50% THC, making it an amazing choice for the cannabis connoisseur or experienced cannabis user. The Chocolope cartridge is a Sativa- meaning it will be a great start to your day, or to begin a romantic evening. You might even need to buy a second cartridge and pick up an extra battery in case you or your significant other does not want to share. You know how it works with chocolate.

Cookies Vape Cart- NCS

The most potent cartridge variety mentioned in this list, our Cookies Vape Cart comes in at 89.9% and is an amazing Indica for sleep, or sharing a relaxing evening together as a mature couple. Indicas make for a great body high that can make you forget your aches and pains, and creates a great setting for a flowing, chill hangout time with friends. Delicious as biting into the first cookie coming out of the oven, this cart is best for a night spent in.

Exodus Cheese – Phat Panda

This Cheesy cartridge is nothing to sneeze at- at 74.7% THC, it wins the race against other lighter varieties. This Indica dominant concentrate is a great balance between Indica and Sativa, meaning lots of euphoria, with energy, and relaxation. For those trying to work up an appetite, or quiet the nervousness of a first date, you may bring one along for you and your date to enjoy as you end the evening.


Have you tried our chocolate, cookies or cheese carts? Why not get all three for good measure? Let us know how you are spending Valentine’s on Facebook, or at our Shelton, Washington cannabis location. Like the photo from this blog? Check out more here.