Mix and Match: A High Elevation Gourmand’s Preferred Dining Spots

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If there is one thing that always pairs magnificently with cannabis, it’s a good meal. Cannabis culture has come a long way from potato chip-and-pizza-fueled midnight marathons of Doctor Who, leading the way for a wide palette of tastes to make their way into territories previously reserved only for restaurateurs of the highest caliber. If you’re a Seattle or Tacoma local looking for a new and exciting dining experience to match with your favorite bud or concentrate, read on:

Offer Your Taste Buds Something New

By far, the most rewarding approach to dining while elevated is trying new things. There are a number of restaurants that cater to this need specifically, and we’ll cover a few of our favorites below:

  • Altura—The first on our list is a Altura, a restaurant dedicated almost entirely to tasting menus. Instead of ordering one large dish per person, here you are encouraged to order multiple small dishes and taste morsels from each one.The restaurant offers self-selected three-course options or “omakase” menus that combine between 12 and 15 separate dishes. The place is renowned for its delicious pastas, including Abruzzese ragu of lamb and pappardelle with braised tripe. It’s a great place for tasting new and innovative recipes that will delight your taste buds. Prepare yourself for the experience with a fine hybrid strain like Planewreck or Chocolate Kush for the best results.
  • Art Of The Table—This restaurant offers a down-to-earth atmosphere and a neighborly ambiance that works beautifully with any of our cannabis strains: Snowland, Atomic, or Ace of Spades are sure favorites. The restaurant serves delectable and interesting plates with the freshest possible ingredients sourced from local farms.Since this restaurant sources from the freshest available local ingredients, the menu changes daily. You’re encouraged to simply ask your waiter for a recommendation. Rest assured that the result will be spectacular.
  • Cafe Munir—This restaurant offers everything a vegetarian could ever possibly want, and at such a quality and value that even die-hard carnivores will be feel satisfied with the lentil and tahini dishes. The restaurant’s menu is heavily influenced by its owner’s Lebanese origin, offering foods that are difficult to find elsewhere.Take some Widow’s Gift or Blueberry Kush along with you for an unforgettable experience. For the best results, visit this place on a Sunday evening and order the chef’s choice dinner; you’ll never be let down.
  • Duke’s Chowder House—Craving a bite of deliciously prepared seafood? Tacoma’s best fish, chowder, crabs and prawns are waiting for you here right on the shore of Puget Sound. As the name implies, the chowder is the house specialty and it always delivers a memorable experience.Our Mr. Nice Guy and Hawaiian Rush strains are the perfect accompaniment to this locale. We encourage you to order the chowder sampler to get a taste of everything this restaurant has to offer in one sitting; you’re guaranteed to come back for more.
  • 5th Avenue Sandwich Shop—Maybe the fine dining options listed above don’t quite appeal to your tastes, and you’re craving something simpler, yet made with perfect ingredients for an unforgettable taste. This unassuming sandwich shop located in Olympia is conveniently close to our dispensary and offers homemade-style sandwiches of extraordinary quality.Here you can feel free to combine any one of our powerful concentrates with the double- and triple-decker sandwiches offered. The simple deli atmosphere and simple presentation belie a quality of sandwich-making that must be tasted to be believed. They also offer take-out, so feel free to pack a lunch when heading to High Elevation and let us know what your favorite menu item is.

If you have a favorite local restaurant that isn’t on this list, let our friendly staff know about it when you come to pick up some of our quality flowers, concentrates or pre-rolled joints. We’d love to try it out for ourselves! We’d also love to hear from you on Facebook.

High Elevation does not endorse Cannabis consumption in public, nor intoxicated driving. Be safe and make sure you have a designated driver.  Never combine Cannabis and Alcohol.

Have fun!

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