Determine Your Elevation

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Start With 5 Milligrams THC

This dosage is a great starting place for the first time user- especially in an effort to keep newcomers to edibles from an uncomfortable night. The recommendation is that you take 5 milligrams, and wait several hours to feel the effects, before taking an additional 5 milligrams. Unlike the fleeting effects of smoked cannabis, edibles often have a longer lasting potency. Take extra care, and have fun!

Again, Remember to Wait

Over-consuming cannabis is no fun even for regular edibles consumers. Every edible is made with a different blend of CBD, THC and in a quality edible, a balance of terpenes that also offer varying effects. Together they create the overall “feel’ of the edible. The effects can be subtle enough at first to lure a first time user into a sense that they have not taken the appropriate dose. This is why it is recommended that you wait 2-3 hours before taking an additional 5 milligrams. It also has the side benefit of preventing consumers from becoming acclimated to a higher dosage. This means you can really enjoy the benefits, and save money.

How much should I take as an experienced consumer?

Dosage is often different from person to person, as we all interact differently with the compounds found in various edibles. Finding your dose means starting low, and very slowly finding the spot that works for you. For our recreational users, this is especially important, as homemade edibles, and edibles available in dispensaries vary wildly. So not just the newbies need to pay attention to their dosage, and really know their body. Our professional budtenders at High Elevation can help you choose the edible that is right for you, and to answer any questions or concerns.

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