Edibles To Elevate After Dark

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As the day fades from the sky, many cannabis connoisseurs like to relax into evening with a bowl, pre-roll or vaporizer. Some may be puffing away to ease pain, while others are searching for a second wind to complete a project. Whatever your reasons, edibles are a solid choice, and at High Elevation we have a fine selection of edibles for this purpose. Check out three of our favorites below, our budtenders highly recommend them.

CBD Mint Spray 100mg CBD

Sink into sleep with minty fresh CBD infused breath, soothing away anxieties and muscle tension, and calming the stomach. This is the perfect choice for someone who wants a reliable edible for nighttime without the psychoactive effects. This CBD Spray is equally great for any time of day, and many of our customers have mentioned their increased ability to focus.

Spot 10pk Dark Chocolates 100mg THC

Sometimes you just want a little chocolate. This ten pack of ten milligram dark chocolates will enable you to have a laid back evening over and over again, and is a great value. These melt in your mouth bite sized pieces are decadent, smooth and infused with the finest quality cannabis- with none of the aftertaste often associated with edibles. Micro-dosing has never been easier, just split the dose to find your range of effects.

High Tea PM 10 to 100mg THC

With autumn right around the corner, stocking up on High Tea is a must for those who enjoy a warm cuppa on a cool evening. Available in two different strengths, this tea soothes the stomach and body, the effects felt within the first few hours of ingesting. Feel the effects trickle through your body slowly and then all at once, enhancing circulation, and numbing any aches.

What’s your favorite edible for nighttime? Let us know on our Facebook, or stop by at our Shelton, Washington cannabis location.