Elevate Your Date Night

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It’s date night, and you are happy to know that your date is also a cannabis connoisseur. Outside of finding a great place to eat, walk around, or view entertainment, the pressure is on to share the finest cannabis you know of. At Elevation Recreation, we can help you navigate the selection of products we offer for a suitable sharing experience. But what kind of cannabis to choose? Here are some thoughts below.

A Selection of Fine Flower

With an amazing selection of fine flower, it can be hard to narrow down exactly what you would like. Are you and your date more into indica’s or sativa’s? If you aren’t sure, the best bet may be to choose a hybrid such as our Dirty Girl, a potent hybrid that will give you great energy and will leave you both laughing and euphoric for much of the night. Want to cover all bases? Buy a few grams of indica, sativa and hybrids from the top shelf, choosing your flower based on terpenes and a name that will catch the eye.

Cannabis Beverages/ Edibles

Cannabis beverages and edibles are amazing for discrete dosing, but you may need to be careful choosing some for your date. Depending on yours and your partner’s tastes, an edible can make the night or break it. Try something starting at ten milligrams each, such as our Raspberry Pearls or Milk Chocolate Squares, the sweet taste melting away to sweeter moments. You may also consider a tincture, sparkling beverage or otherwise. Popping open a bottle of cannabis beverage for the night may soon be as common as popping open a bottle of wine.

CBD Products

For the safest as well as least psychoactive approach to your date, you may choose CBD as an alternative to THC heavy products. CBD will give you a euphoric body buzz, eliminating any pain, or queasy nervousness. Our CBD Gel Pen boasts 100 mg CBD, making it an amazing dose to share, perhaps even more than once. It is also wise to bring some CBD along if you are consuming potent THC products, as it can help mitigate the “too high” feeling, and ground you once again, ready to engage in romance.

What are your favorite cannabis products to bring on a date? Let us know on Facebook, or chat with our budtenders at our Shelton, Washington cannabis store. We love hearing from happy patrons!