Elevate Your Lunch or Happy Hour With These Local Eateries

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If there is one thing you can rely on when eating out in Shelton, Washington, it’s the extraordinary availability of options, especially in the town center along Railroad Avenue. Local residents and travelers alike can pick between traditional American dining, great Mexican food and high quality Chinese cuisine. For the best experience when enjoying an elevated lunch or happy hour, we have a few special recommendations:

The Strip Steak House

405 W Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA

As a steakhouse, The Strip is the place to be if you’re hungry for a good burger or sandwich. The restaurant serves both excellent steak fries and garlic fries, making it a great choice for sumptuous luncheons. The Strip’s great food and unpretentious atmosphere have earned it the top place on our list.

Sister’s Restaurant

116 W Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA

Sister’s is another great choice for good, simple dishes that offer the atmosphere and great taste of a home-cooked meal. The staff is friendly and the prices accessible, making Sister’s a good choice, especially for a casual lunch. Soups and salads are the best choice here; the restaurant offers gluten-free options as well.

El Sarape 3

318 W Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA

As any lover of Mexican food knows, authenticity is a hugely important factor in preparing great tacos, carnitas and burritos. Fortunately for residents of Shelton, WA and anyone traveling through, you can get high quality authentic Mexican food at El Sarape 3. If you’re a fan of spicy food, you’ll probably find yourself smothering every dish in their spicy red sauce, which is simply fantastic. As a plus, they also have great margaritas, making it the perfect place for a casual lunch at their comfortable and well-decorated bar.

Smoking Mo’s

203 W Railroad Ave, Shelton, WA

If you’re in the mood for barbeque, there is no better choice than Smoking Mo’s. Carolina-style BBQ and oysters are the main draw at this restaurant. They also have a great selection of craft beer and a delicious array of vegetarian options—their baked potato is good enough to compete with any sandwich on the menu.

If you’re passing through Shelton and want to enjoy a great lunch, stop by one of these locales and you can be sure the experience will be worth it. There are few things more satisfying than a hearty meal, especially after enjoying quality High Elevation consumables, so give it a try! Do you have any favorite local eateries? Tell us all about them on Facebook!