Four Simple Ways To Elevate Your Cannabis Experience

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Ask cannabis enthusiasts why they smoke, vape, or eat cannabis products and you’ll get a wide variety of answers. Some partake socially, to soften their inhibitions and express themselves more clearly, others use cannabis to gain introspective experience and get to know themselves better. Yet others find a sense of spiritual enlightenment through using cannabis products—the possibilities are endless. Regardless of the specific reason you choose to use these products, you assuredly want to get the most out of them. This quick guide can help make a reality:

One: Surround Yourself With Art

Philosophers have been arguing about the purpose of art for thousands of years, but a cannabis-augmented trip to a museum, a local art gallery or even your neighborhood bookstore can show one of its most powerful strengths. Art, whether painted, sculpted or written, serves to draw our attention towards new ways of appreciating things. There is no better position to accept this new perspective of appreciation than with a healthy intake of cannabis—you may find inspiration in the most unlikely of places. The serenity of natural environments can instill the same response, so feel free to take a long creekside hike instead of visiting a modern art museum—or do both!

Two: Cook Something

Cannabis is a delight for the senses. Its effect on our capacity to appreciate new aesthetics is profound. Why should we limit this experience to sights and sounds? The senses of taste and smell are some of the most ancient in terms of evolutionary biology, and their ability to transform our mood is unique. There are thousands of great recipes available in cookbooks and on foodie forums online, many of which are perfectly accessible even to people who have never even made their own Top Ramen. The experience is unique and highly rewarding; definitely worth a try.

Three: Get a Good Pair of Headphones

While on the subject of sensory delights you can pair with cannabis, there are few things more enrapturing and indeed life-changing as your favorite song. Whether you’re into Modest Mouse or Modest Mussorgsky, there is a very special power in music that cannabis unlocks. Grab a pair of the finest headphones you can afford and try it out for yourself—there is an extra dimension of emotion and spaciousness that simply doesn’t exist outside of this particular mood state. A good home or car stereo system can have the same effect, but many audiophiles prefer headphones for the greater level of intimacy they provide.

Four: Live in the moment!

If you, like many other recreational cannabis users, are used to lighting up with friends and socializing, you can have a lot of great, memorable times but you may miss out on some of the more introspective benefits that cannabis offers. All of these benefits rely on your ability to stand back and enjoy the sublime as it is—this can’t happen if you’re constantly distracted. Fortunately, there are many ways to improve your ability to focus and to gain the introspective mindset that can produce these amazing mood states. Meditation is one of the most effective of these because it provides its practitioners with the ability to fully absorb themselves in the moment. The ability to focus on that moment and submit yourself to it completely will provide extraordinary returns with a broad range of life experiences, cannabis-related and otherwise!

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