Grow Techniques: What’s the difference?

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Growing bud is an art. It takes time, patience, maintenance, some more time, some more patience, and maybe a little bit more maintenance. It’s literally the task of watching grass grow. If you are going to grow weed, or if you just simply want to know more about the process, what are the different growing techniques?

To start out, there are two main umbrella categories of marijuana – indicas and sativas. You can mix these two, creating a hybrid, or you can keep them pure. Indica plants are shorter and fatter, somewhat ironically resembling how you feel after you smoke it. This type tends to give you a more “stoned” feeling, usually resulting in a binge watch of a mindless show, glueing you to the couch for the majority of the high. Sativas, on the other hand, produce the opposite high. They give you a feeling of urgency, a high that can allow you to stay functioning while under the influence. Personally, I prefer sativas. As much as I love to just hang out with my friends and watch some TV, I think that there is so much more in this world that you could be doing with that time. Go play a pick-up sport, go climb a mountain. I don’t know about that second one, but go do something that you’ll remember doing.

How do you grow the various strains?

Indicas: These are typically good beginner plants, more routine in their maintenance and growing patterns. Indicas are typically dedicated to recreational use, and don’t require as much attention. They give you a more narcotic feeling, meaning they can be more fun if you’re trying to achieve an out-of-mind experience.  You should start out growing these and then move onto sativas.

Sativas: You may not want to start out growing sativas, as they can be a little bit harder to tame. They usually grow faster, however, so they can be good if you have a limited time span that you want to grow in. A lot of sativas are also aimed towards medical marijuana, meaning that the typical recreational user may find more joy in growing indicas.

No matter which strain you prefer, it’s all marijuana anyway. A lot of hybrids combine the effects of the two, not completely knocking you into the couch and not completely buzzing you up, but landing somewhere in between. If you didn’t know what you were smoking, now you do.