High Quality Indica Prerolls

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Ace of spades – Orgrow
THC: 29.5mg

This relaxed, potent strain is a great one for defeating muscle tension and pain, combating nausea like a pro. The piney- sweet flavor is nostalgic, reminding many a cannabis enthusiast of their first puff of cannabis. At High Elevation, our Ace of Spades pre-roll is a budtender favorite, leaving customers with a great treat to take home. Smoke before bed for a relaxing way to end the night, or as a calming companion for binging your favorite Netflix show.

Afgoo -SC
THC: 20.96mg five pack

Why get one pre-roll when you can get five, doling out your dosing for multiple days? Our afgoo pre-rolls are an earthy, piney tangle of terpenes- with a sleepy, relaxed high to follow. An Indica that is just as suited for day or night, Afgoo is one of those strains that makes your body completely comfortable. The head effects are relaxed and torpid, the THC count meaning an experience that gets you where you want to go without being too overwhelming.

Blackberry Kush – GP
THC: 22.33mg

This berry flavored pre-roll is a real treat, its Kush genetics pulling through with strong body effects. The sweet flavor is very pleasant, lulling you in a relaxed state. A favorite of both medical and recreational patrons, Blackberry Kush is a classic- satisfying everyone from a beginner to a cannabis lover of many years. This pre-roll is relaxing after work, or weekend choice, and settles the soul for a fresh look at life. You might even be tempted to get more than one!

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