Hybrid Carts for a Potent Start

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Cannabis vaporizer pens are rising in popularity, especially in recreationally legal cannabis states. The popularity of these tiny vaporizers is unsurprising for those who have experienced the power of our tasty carts- but for those unaccustomed to their merits- we highly recommend them. Great for portability as well as discrete dosing, our carts pack a punch, the pungent flavor and soft mouthfeel leaving a curtain of relaxation over your day.

Berry White C02/cart – HF
THC: 81.24mg

The berry flavor of this cart is amazing. Much like the strain of the same name this cart is an experience that is relaxing for the muscles, the high THC levels also lending to a powerful mental high. For nature lovers, this cart is great for keeping up on extended nature walks, or even melting away discomfort in the evening. The Co2 oil makes the pull smooth as soft clouds of cannabis infused goodness can be. Just try to take a few puffs at a time, the high can creep up on you.

Blueberry Cheesecake Cart – Dose
THC: 76.5mg

As delicious as the name suggests, this cart is a euphoric, happy experience for mind and body. Great for increasing creative energy, tackling projects around the house, or just taking a peaceful breather by yourself, you’ll be happy with this cart. A perfect daytime choice, the uplifting effects satisfy, leaving you open to new possibilities. A breath of fresh air, this cart is a perfect compliment to spring time, helping you notice the small details rapidly changing in the environment.

Chernobyl Cart – SA
THC: 78.41mg

A unique citrus-sweet treat, our chernobyl cart is a budtender favorite. A balanced concentrate cartridge delivers a lighthearted high, perfect for a date night, or a night in watching Hulu. Cuddle up with this strain and a hot cup of tea, or a book, and bask in the glowing warm feeling throughout your body. This energetic hybrid may also lend to a more relaxed yoga practice, or a very present meditation session- lending height and ease, and surpassing the everyday worries that can accumulate.

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