Light Up The Night With Quality Pre-rolls

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Picking up a pre-roll in Washington is simple, but what is not so simple is finding quality ground bud that really tastes amazing. Pre-rolls, or joints are meant to be convenient and quality- enhancing certain activities in a single dose. Enjoy our three favorites below, each a unique experience for even the choosiest cannabis consumer.

#5 Myth – DC THC: 23.49mg Hybrid

This strain is an uplifting balance of effects, mind and body coming together for a powerful high. Unique and not well known, the pre-roll offers a new experience for the Cannabis connoisseur looking for a new adventure. An amazing strain for the great outdoors, or focusing on projects, this utilitarian strain will blend with a wide variety of activities. Our medical patients love it for the mellow, happy high.

Big Black Indica – Moani THC: 25.5mg Indica

Good for evening or nighttime, this Big Black Indica pre-roll lives up to it’s name. Relaxation may turn to couch lock, leading to a deep night’s sleep. The piney, earthy flavor is incredible, giving the experience of walking through the forest right from home. Fluffy dark buds meet orange hairs in a fine grind for your enjoyment.

Cinderella’s Dream – SPP THC: 23.4mg CBD: 1mg Sativa

A cross of Blue Dream and Cinex, this strain leaves you feeling energetic, with a cerebral high that is more calming than distracting. Great for stress relief, this day time strain will keep you going, knocking out anxiety. The citrus flavors draw you in, the trichome encrusted buds sweet and sticky. This pre-roll is best for day time, and is a powerful way to take a break.

What are your favorite pre-rolls? Let us know on Facebook, or check out our Shelton, Washington cannabis store.