Olympia’s Most Gorgeous Outdoor Spots

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If you’re coming out to our dispensary just an hour southwest of Seattle, you might be interested in making a day of it and visiting some of the most beautiful outdoor locations that Washington has to offer. Few things pair better than high quality cannabis flowers and concentrates after coming home from a hike through verdant hillsides and deep forests, so pack your bags and strap on a reliable pair of boots before coming over.

We have a number of spectacular natural environments within an hour’s drive of our retail shop, so take a look at this guide before heading down to High Elevation.

Olympic National Park

One of the largest national parks in this part of the country is located just north of our dispensary. Notable for having three distinct eco-systems and pristine scenery, this could be the best place to take a day- or weekend-long hike if you love the outdoors. While Mount Olympus is great for mountaineers, the rugged terrain doesn’t serve the purposes of this article as well as the temperate forest to its west. Here you can see enormous Western Red Cedars, a breathtaking sight sure to awe and inspire.

There are lots of recreational activities to be enjoyed throughout the park. The network of hiking trails crisscrossing the region is one of the most complete of any national park in the country, with spectacular views of rain forest climates and plants that run through every hue of green imaginable. Additionally, guests are encouraged to backpack along the park’s beach. The coastline is large enough for a camping crew to spend multiple days walking and enjoying the idyllic scenery before reaching the end.

Lake Quinault

If you really want to make a trip out of your visit to Olympic National Park, check into one of the many lodges located around its perimeter and spend the night. Lake Quinault Lodge, for example, is open all year, blissfully disconnected from nearby civilzation and acts as an ideal starting point for a weekend’s worth of voyages into the heart of nature. Expand your consciousness on that journey, and end it from the privacy of your own space with a Sativa hybrid like C99 Knights Templar.

The proximity of the local lake gives you a greater degree of freedom, since you can choose to hike the nearby forest and visit the lakeside. You can even rent a canoe and traverse the lake, a fascinating and breathtaking experience.

Capitol Forest

If you head south from our dispensary, you’ll run into Capitol Forest. This area offers many more recreational activities such as biking, horseback riding, and off-road vehicle driving. If you’re looking for a more active adventure, Capitol Forest is a good place to start. One of our classic strains such as Jack Herer, or NYC Diesel, can help you enjoy the memories and peace of this area well into the night.

Be sure to refrain from cycling, off-roading or participating in any other activity that carries a risk of injury while enjoying our products. The match-ups described in this article are best enjoyed while relaxing after the fact. Capital forest in particular, is known for abruptly changing soil conditions; an unexpected obstacle can ruin your day, so pay attention if engaging in any high-impact activities.

So be safe! And we hope you enjoy the Outdoor activities that beautiful Olympia, Washington, and Shelton, Washington have to offer. Do you have any favorite spots in Olympia to share? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!


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