Potent Indica-Leaning Hybrid Flower For A Cloudy Day

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Recreational cannabis has been around for quite a while in Washington state, and for many of us, seeing the same old names can become quite monotonous. High Elevation has a fine selection of unique flower- sativas, indicas, and everything in between. For those wanting to remedy body related issues, as well as keep your energy up during the day, our hybrids are an excellent choice. Below are our three favorite, potent, budtender recommended flower selections.

Blue Rhino- DC THC: 26.23% CBD: 1.49% 

This sweet berry scented strain is not to be underestimated. This is one of our most unique strains, its conical shape part of the appeal. Euphoric and stoney, this bud may leave a less experienced cannabis connoisseur very stoned, and even the most experienced tension free and happy. The body buzz of this hybrid is also significant, and can leave some sleepy if consumed earlier in the day. Having said that, this is a fun, indica leaning hybrid that can really help with anxiety and pain.

Grease Monkey – GC THC: 27.4% 

The offspring of Cookies and Cream and Gorilla Glue #4, this staggering flower is earthy and complex in flavor. With a smooth exhale, the terpenes combine to create an intense body high as well as soaring euphoria. Gassy aromas add to the body of this flower, and the balance of effects makes for an uplifting high with amazing relief from nausea, encouraging an appetite and stimulating a present, cerebral high.

Sherbet – SPP THC: 27.8% 

Sherbert, one of our most potent flowers, is as smooth as the name suggests, the flavor like a scoop of the creamy treat. Smelling sweet and nutty, you might be surprised by the potent calming effects, numbing any pain, and lending to deeper stretching, meditation and is amazing when enjoyed with one of our quality topicals. Relax from inside out without the couchlock- this flower is a medical favorite.

What is the most potent strain you have tried? Let us know on Facebook, or check out our cannabis store in Shelton, Washington for adults 21+.

Photo by Cole Patrick