Powerful Cannabis Drinks For An Elevated Day

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At our High Elevation store in Shelton, Washington, cannabis beverages are constantly on demand as they are a great way to dose discreetly, and are incredibly effective for a broad spectrum of effects. Whether you are craving something sparkling or hot and delicious, we have a cannabis beverage for you. Our beverages can be very potent or subtle, so here are three of our favorites for you to consider on your next visit.

Mirth CBD/THC Cranberry Tonic (1:1)

This tangy and delicious sparkling beverage boasts a 1:1 ratio of CBD and THC; 80 milligrams. Rare to find in many edible brands, this ratio is amazingly beneficial for body and state of mind. The experienced recreational customer, as well as medical patient will delight in this powerful beverage, from beginning to end. The blend of cannabis in each legal beverage means a balanced high much like a hybrid- euphoric, and powerful in both mind and body. The THC and CBD balance out the drink, resulting in a strong body buzz.

Evergreen Herbal High Tea Chai

High Tea Chai is a tea bag filled with medically effective herbs. Great for anything digestion related, this tea will also help with tight muscles. A relaxing day high for those just beginning, or wanting a less potent experience for their day, you steep this bag and add milk to have a delicious cup that delivers. At ten milligrams THC it is amazing for those not wanting to feel overwhelmed. This cannabis beverage is also refreshing for early evening if you are doing yoga, stretching, walking or other light activities. Delicious with a big spoonful of local Olympia, Washington honey and perhaps a few Evergreen CBD caps, this euphoric High Tea is worth it.

Evergreen Herbal 12th Fan Lemonade

This potent cannabis beverage comes in a glass bottle, and often comes carbonated for a light, fizzy, and refreshing drink. At 100 milligrams per lemonade, we recommend 5 to ten milligram doses for beginner cannabis users, as a way to determine your dose with a new edible. For cannabis patients and connoisseurs, use your best judgement. This beverage is potent, delicate medicine that elevates the mind and also helps with nausea, pain, etc, while still leaving plenty of energy for the day. This is hybrid edibles at their most stimulating and delicious.

Have you ever had a cannabis beverage? What was it like? Let us know on Facebook, and check out our latest beverages on our online menu!


Image by David Seibold.