Relax Your Body With These Three Cannabis Topicals

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With recreational cannabis legal in Washington, many people have tried our fine flower, prerolls and vaporizer cartridges. What many people overlook at a cannabis store, however, is something that helps relieve muscle pain, soreness and tension without the psychoactive effects. It’s amazing for both medical and recreational alike- after all everyone gets sore sometimes. But which topical will work best for you? At High Elevation we have a plethora of options, but these three really take the cake whether you are recovering from a workout or a weekend hike.

Lotionz (Available with CBD, THC or 1:1)
Infuse your day with this amazing lotion, coming in soothing combinations. Are 1:1 lotion is the most popular, as you can experience the healing effects of both CBD and THC at the same time, a kind of double jab to knock the pain out. Made with food grade coconut oil, Lotionz are as amazing for the skin as they feel. You may notice a tingling feeling in your skin, followed by relief from tense muscles.

Muscle Rub Salve/ Spray
With intense muscle aches, having something strong to rub into the it, or something quick to spray on after the gym is essential. Our muscle rub and spray combine the most effective cannabinoids with natural additions to ease into the end of your day and have a restful sleep. Our spray is perfect for those times when you need relief on the go, and is surprisingly useful for those difficult to reach spots.

THC Gel Pens
THC gel pens allow the user to apply the topical in a controlled, easily mixable matter. With a consistency that allows application for small areas, our gel pens easily absorb, meaning pain relief almost instantaneously. As the THC enters your system, and combines with your unique body chemistry, tension will drain and seem to disappear. These pens are also long lasting, meaning one application goes a long way.

What are your favorite topicals? Let us know on Facebook, or come say hi at our Shelton, Washington location. We’d love to help find the topical that works for you.

Photo by Esteban Lopez