Sativa Flower For a Satisfying Summer

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What is better than camping or hanging out on your back porch soaking in the sun with a joint? We aren’t sure either. Our quality cannabis flower is great for relaxing into the evening, or even pacing your energy throughout the day. Sativas are well known for keeping your energy up, and enjoying the warm summer days to their utmost. Below are our three favorites for the season.

Jesus OG – Agro Mechanix

Originally bred by TGA seeds, this cross of Hells Angel OG and Jack The Ripper will really keep your blood pumping. Lemony earthy flavors combine to make one pungent, and potent strain. The happy, euphoric effects of this strain are heavily reported- as well as the kush heavy relaxing effects. Best in bowl or bong this flower is plenty potent, and a great strain to share with friends at a barbecue, especially with lemonade.

Sour Diesel – Happy Hill Farms

Chugging through pain with an amazing energy, Sour Diesel is a favorite of cannabis connoisseurs worldwide. Soothing stress, this strain is known for its diesel, earthy flavor and smell. A cerebral “head high” this strain will guide your pace, whatever the activity. Pairing amazingly with effervescent root beer, or even some great sandwiches, this strain truly represents the summer season at its best.

Gorilla Glue – Perma

With a potent combination of euphoria and body heavy feeling, the sativa dominant hybrid has a little something for almost everyone. A sticky Sativa with an earthy, piney scent, it will have you craving more on a deep primal level. Our most potent strain on this list, Gorilla Glue is not for the amateur cannabis connoisseur- it is best enjoyed in a group, or by experienced medical and recreational patrons. Try with a new piece of clean glass for the most tasty hit!


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Photo by Patrick.