Three Cannabis Concentrates For A Relaxing Evening

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Finding dabs that are both powerful, as well as pain relieving can be difficult, especially with all the options available in Washington. Because if this, we’ve narrowed our menu down to our top three favorites, chosen by our knowledgeable budtenders. Without further ado, here are some tasty choices for concentrates at High Elevation, guaranteed to give you the best dabbing experience possible.

Rogue River Canna-Shatter THC: 41.6% CBD: 39.2%

This shatter is amazing, whether for medical or recreational customers in Washington. With a great balance between THC and CBD, it is amazing as a body relaxant, and may even help with anxiety and to lift your mood. Dabbing this cannabis concentrate means better productivity and creativity, and will help reduce pain and alleviate muscle tension.

ACDC Shatter THC: 51.4% CBD: 28.2%

Another great choice for a mixture of THC and CBD this more potent shatter will have you Thunderstruck. A cerebral, dreamy high, this tasty shatter is not to be missed, and is a budtender favorite. It will also help with nausea and indigestion, and to relieve your muscle pain after a tense day. We recommend this concentrate for work from home medical customers.

Pineapple Express Shatter THC: 76.7

This very potent dab is best left for the experienced dabber. In all its glory this tasty, pure thc concentrate will give you a powerful head high, so it’s best to leave this one for home, or gatherings among people you are comfortable with. The Pineapple flavor comes through strong on this concentrate, and is very enjoyable for a relaxing evening near the fire.

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