Three CBD Products for the Summer

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The sun comes out from its winter slumber and graces the skies of Shelton, Washington. Similarly the human population also comes out, into the sun to enjoy a variety of outdoor activities. Whether you are swimming, running, or just trying to recover from your last hike at home, Elevation Recreation has you covered- it’s even in the name. Check out our top three CBD products that you can use for relief of many a discomfort or set of sore muscles.

Relief CBD Beverage Concentrate

One of the advantages of an edible is it effects the sore places right where you need it- buzzing through the muscles. This concentrated beverage comes from the amazing company Ethos Innovates, the sophisticated packaging the first indication of a quality product. Coming packed full of CBD- 100 milligrams, with only two milligrams THC- this elixir will keep you going, playing swimming and otherwise, without the head high.

5 to 1 Topical CBD

The first thing people ask when looking at a topical is always, does this really work? Not all topicals are created equal- but this one is amazing. Skin softening effects blend with localized pain relief with this CBD topical. A small amount of THC contributes to the tingling, numbing effects, softening muscles after a hard day’s hike, or even after an afternoon of gardening or yardwork.

CBD Gel Pen

A transdermal option without the patch- this CBD gel pen means fast acting relief right where and when you need it. Whether you are on the go or recovering at home, this pen is a great option, and with 100 milligrams of CBD it is also a potent one. Mary’s Medicinals is a great brand for healing cannabis products and this pen is no exception. Try on sore tendons, muscles, or even as pre treatment.

Have you tried CBD as topical, concentrate, or otherwise? Let us know on Facebook, or stop by our Shelton, Washington Cannabis store.

Photo by Meesh.