Three Tips For Frugal Cannabis Connoisseurs

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You’ve already been to a dispensary or two, know your way around flower, and maybe have just begun to dabble in edibles and concentrates. You’re not a novice anymore. No, not you. You’ve tried many strains and know what works best for you. The only problem is, perhaps you are spending more on cannabis than you would like. For those of you who are seasoned experts, or even beginners, here are three ways to save money at High Elevation.

Invest In a Vape Pen

Getting a vape pen can be really simple. The most basic vape pen consists of a rechargeable battery, and one of a variety of cartridges. Other vape pens become more complex, for those who prefer to have a tailored experience. Regardless, all vaporizers/ vape pens when paired with oil or other concentrates are often much more potent than flower, and need to be enjoyed carefully. The payoff is that these little half gram or whole gram cartridges make cannabis consuming really easy, and save you money on flower.

Buy a Grinder

You’ve been breaking up bud with your fingers for years, we know. There is something to be said for the ritual of this experience. It’s almost meditative. But, for the smoothest experience, and easy portability, nothing beats a grinder. With a finer grind, flower is less likely to burn at a temperature that wastes the flower before the smoke touches your lips. Bringing a grinder elsewhere also makes rolling an impromptu joint much easier as well. Just saying. Invest in a quality grinder for the finest grind, and you’ll see the results soon. Suddenly an ⅛ of flower will last much longer. The smooth experience of fine ground cannabis will make you never want to go back to your appendages again. Just make sure that your bowl has a larger piece wedged into the bottom to keep the ground cannabis from falling through, and being wasted.

Micro- dosing?

One of the simplest ways to save money on Cannabis is to take a short break (even a half day or day will do) and begin microdosing. Do you dab, vape, smoke, or consume? Doesn’t matter. Cut your usual dose in half, or even down to a ¼ of the original size. This allows you the benefits of seeing what dose is right for you, and how so little can do so much. Consuming less cannabis seems like an obvious choice, but for a person who has a certain level of tolerance, taking a break, and then microdosing may be a great option. You can also try CBD rich products at this time to help with a plethora of issues, from stomach pain to anxiety, while you take a break from the THC high. Taking a break doesn’t have to be a chore.

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