Three Top Shelf Indicas For Insomnia

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Sometimes sleep is more like its own creature than something we can command by will at night. Body aches and pains burning, sleeplessness as you worry about a big project- all of these happen on occasion, and for some of us with insomnia, it’s a nightly struggle. Indicas are often more torpid than their Sativa and Hybrid counterparts, which makes Indica flower an amazing option for nighttime. It can also soothe anxiety in those who find sativas to be too much.  Check out these three top shelf Indica flowers the next time you stop in at out Shelton, Washington cannabis location, and have a good nights rest.

Pink Cookies – NCS

This sweet, earthy strain is an unusual delight offering incredible relaxation, and boasting a 29.9% THC content- you might just get the couch lock that will lead to a great nights sleep. Also known as wedding cake, this strain is a cross of Girl Scout Cookies and Cherry Pie. The buds come in light and green speckled varieties, with orange and sometimes purple hairs. Pink Cookies will have you reaching for your pipe time and time again, but be careful of those midnight snacks! This strain is known to increase appetite.

Orange Kush – ART

The dense buds of Orange Kush have a powerful, tangy aroma. A happy high, the taste causes you to salivate, and maybe even crave fruit of the citrus variety. With 16.64% THC, our top shelf Orange Kush is a smart choice for those just beginning, or wanting a less intense high with powerful body relaxation effects to help soothe those wakeful nights. Try paired with pumpkin or banana bread- or anything with a cinnamon/ nutmeg finish, and bask in the contrast of flavors. These light green buds with orange hairs will steal your heart.

LA Confidential – Lph

A relaxed, earthy strain, LA Confidential is like a piney treat for those seeking sleep. The relaxing qualities of this premium quality Indica is as beautiful as their buds; bright green and purple with zesty orange hairs. Coming in at 22.49% THC this flower is potent, but not just in THC. For those who enjoy hash, the terpene density will hit you with earthy, smooth smoke. This Indica is also surprisingly euphoric and psychedelic, and is amazing for a number of medical uses. Taking in a small amount of this flower is relaxing, and a larger amount will create the sedative effect you are craving to sleep through the night.

What are your favorite strains for sleeping? Let us know the next time you stop by our Shelton, Washington cannabis location, or on Facebook. We love stories about our fine flower!


Photo by Ian Eure.