Top Shelf Hybrids for a Balanced, Powerful High

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In hybrids, the best of both words is achieved in a strain, leaning to one side or making an even split. Because of this, hybrids are a great starter for a newby to cannabis, as well as a good choice for connoisseurs who want a delicate balance of effects. At High Elevation, our hybrids are honestly mouth watering- and our top shelf hybrids deliver a powerful experience for pretty much any time of day. Check out our three favorites of the moment below.

Ewok – SSP Hybrid

Our second most potent flower on this list, Ewok comes in at a respectable 26% THC. Ewok is an earthy, woody strain with a touch of citrus. The buds are light green with hairy orange tendrils reaching out to meet your fingers. Promoting bodily relaxation and whisking away stress, this strain will embrace you as you sleep, conquering insomnia and allowing you to explore the galaxy of your own mind.

Grape Island Skunk – SC Hybrid

Coming in at just over 22% THC, Grape Island Skunk should not be overestimated. Its skunky, sweet flavor will have your mouth watering, and has the added benefit of confusing your neighbors. Euphoric and relaxing this hybrid has a great balance, making it amazing for at home projects that require extended focus. Also amazing for inflammation and anxiety, this strain is sure to take the pain and worry away on a tough day.

Albert Walker – Doc Croc Hybrid / Indica Dominant

This Indica Dominant hybrid is the most potent on the list, and the best for fatigue, sleeplessness and muscle pain.This piney strain will leave you harkening back to your first joint, especially when in the company of friends. The blend of relaxation, euphoria and creativity make for a highly adaptable experience for a wide range of activities. The golden green long style buds are as gorgeous for the eyes as the effects are relaxing.

What’s your favorite hybrid from High Elevation in Shelton, Washington? Let us know on Facebook, we’d love to hear from you!


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