Unique Cannabis Concoctions At High Elevation

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With the many options available at cannabis stores in Washington, it can be hard to pick what you like, and very easy to overlook certain options as you scan a menu. These options, listed under “other” on our online menu are unique and easy ways to dose, whether for afternoon, morning or midnight. Try these tinctures and transdermals for an amazing day.

Awake Spray Tincture

This Sativa tincture is great for a quick pick me up in the morning when you may not have time to pack a bowl or take a dab. Spray it under the tongue and hold for the greatest immediate effects, though this tincture also processes in your digestive system like an edible. This spray tincture by Ethos Innovates is amazing for both recreational and medical customers- extolled for the portability and discrete dosing that this tincture variety is famous for.

High CBN Sleep Tincture

CBN is a cannabinoid that not many people are talking about, but is very useful for the body. There is anecdotal evidence that it helps with insomnia, is an anti inflammatory, as well as helps with pain relief. CBN also has a sedative effect, which means taking this amazing tincture before bed makes for a smooth transition from your working day and stress to the deepest rest.

Mary’s Transdermal

This hybrid 1:1 THC/ CBD patch offers extended pain relief for the experienced users. Boasting 100 mg of active cannabinoids total, it is easy to put on under your clothing, and go about your daily activities (other than driving or anything dangerous, obviously) with little to no discomfort. This option is also great for those that are sensitive to cannabis flower, and would like to keep their lungs free and clear during the flu season.

What is your favorite cannabis concoction at high elevation? Let us know on Facebook, or check out our Shelton, Washington store! Like the photo from this blog? Check out more here!