Hand-Picked Vendors Who Provide The Highest Quality Product




Artisan by trade, Elevate is a unique boutique ensemble of signature cannabis products, Harvest Flower and Elicit CO2 Oil.


The Goodship believes in delivering a great high with ingredients that are good for your body. Take a bite of The Goodship, and take a bite into some of Washington’s best marijuana edibles!


We continue to expand our product line with many new, exciting products. October we will begin offering several vape pens loaded with our highly refined oil concentrates.


Mirth Provisions wants to bring you joy with our specialty cannabis-infused edibles and drinkables, crafted with the best local ingredients and the highest quality cannabis.


Northwest Cannabis Solutions is one of the largest recreational marijuana producer/processors in Washington. We have built a huge, state of the art growing facility, a cutting edge extraction lab, and a world class edibles kitchen.

Northwest Pearl

Northwest Pearl maintains a combination of high quality and efficient production of cannabis. It is committed to excellence in product and product development both as a producer of strains and high quality buds and a processor a variety of products.


DOPE Oil by X-Tracted is a highly refined BHO oil containing almost 100% pure THC. Utilizing advanced extraction methods, THC is first isolated in its raw form. X-Tracted follows this process with the addition of natural terpenes to create a variety of flavors and potency profiles. A wide range of cannabinoids are present in due to this ultra refined process.


With unparalleled passion for quality, Vuber is the leader in the cannabis vaporizer industry. Whether your preference is in oil, concentrate or dry flower pens, our technology is unmatched. We take pride in providing you with the very best vape experience time and time again. Our vaporizers are engineered with innovation, discretion and perfection in mind.

Quartz Castle

Quartz Castle Domeless nails are Hand Crafted in Olympia Washington by Chris Schuler and his team. These quartz nails completely eliminate the need for a dome making dabbing easier, cleaner, and more affordable than ever before. These nails are made from quartz, which is much stronger than glass, able to withstand high temperatures and retain heat over time.

Suspended Brands

At Suspended Brands we take innovation seriously. Our products range from high quality flower, to our lab where we use cutting edge molecular distillation to refine and clarify the highest quality concentrates in the world. Our staff has over seven decades of cultivation experience and over fifteen years of extraction expertise.

Green Labs

Community Inspired, Handcrafted, Small Batch Oil, Low Calorie Sugar Free, Gluten Free & Discreet. We are committed to culinary excellence and take great pride in our bespoke recipes. With rich flavors and balanced complexity, our signature edibles are the ultimate indulgence.

Sweet As!

We are a Southwest Washington Tier III producer and processor focused on growing the finest all natural, sun grown cannabis. Our green houses are designed to minimize carbon footprint by utilizing natural sunlight whenever possible. Fully automated environmental controls and light deprivation allow us multiple harvests within a single season.


At Zoots, we like to focus on the little things. Like handcrafted small batch treats made with premium infused cannabis paired with unique blends tailored to your interests, desires and intentions. Best of all, our nibbles and drinks taste delicious, too. The days of dividing brownies and crumbling cookies is a thing of the past. Zoots by the serving is here to stay. Are you feeling empowered?

Evergreen Herbal

Evergreen Herbal creates a world where cannabis can be consumed in a spirit of wellness, freedom and fun by providing consumers with access to delicious, healthy and reliable cannabis products. We are committed to collaborating with fellow industry leaders, researchers, policy makers and advocates to create a thriving cannabis industry that benefits everyone.

Raven Grass
We are committed to bringing you the highest quality products, truly from the earth. We believe in truth and transparency, and our growing process and products are here to heal, restore, rejuvenate, and enjoy- free from the worry of harmful toxins or chemicals. Our nutrients and pest deterrents have been approved in accordance with the National Organic Program’s National List of Allowed and prohibited substances.

OG Farms Inc.

OG Farms Inc. is a family owned and operated cannabis company, with many years in the commercial cannabis industry. Stationed in Mason County focusing on heavy hitting flavorful strains, quality, and value.

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