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Bob Marley didn’t just dazzle us with his wonderful music, he created a culture that embraced and endorsed love, well-being, and acceptance. His lasting impact on the world is still prevailing today, and none other than his son, Julian, is here to continue spreading the message that his father made so popular. We recently had a wonderful visit with Julian here at High Elevation, and we’d love to tell you all a little bit more about him, what he’s been up to, and what the future holds for the iconic Marley family.

His Visit 

Julian stopped by to meet our staff and pose with us for some pictures. We had a great chance to talk to Julian about what he’s been up to, and get to know him on a personal level. I can’t stress it enough… listening to his father’s music, you assume that love would radiate through this young man. Let me tell you, that assumption is 100% true. Julian is one of the most down to earth, fun-loving, ambitious people I’ve ever met. Here are some pictures from his wonderful visit. As always, you can see more here!

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Julian’s Career 

Julian has dedicated his life to carrying on the legacy that his father started – generating positivity through music. His life, inspired by his spirituality, has affected and positively influenced that of many others. In 2016, Julian has already performed at the 9 Mile Music Festival and has plans to perform at Gallo Evolution. He has three albums to his name, titled Lion in the Morning, A Time and Place, and Awake. Julian’s career shot to a new level in 2009 when Awake was nominated for a Grammy. The spirituality and meaning within Julian’s music is truly wonderful.

After talking with Julian and familiarizing myself with his life, I felt incredibly inspired. As his biography states, “Whether it’s reasoning with children at the football fields in London, or offering his time to benefit concerts, Julian consciously looks towards finding ways to help build positive guidance that benefits children.” He has a wonderful heart, and it’s evident in the way that he treats his peers, his friends, and everyone he encounters.

You can review Julian’s story here. The read is definitely worth it. The Marley legacy continues to impress – I can’t wait to see what the future has in store for us and for Julian.

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