Why Smoking Is Much Better With Friends

Michael Ogden Uncategorized

Smoking has given me so many good memories, but not because of the end results of the product. Okay, maybe a little bit, but the real memories come from the inside jokes and in-depth conversations that I’ve had with friends while we smoke. There’s something to say about going about it alone and just chilling back and enjoying the high, but there’s also something to say about enjoying that high in the presence of your favorite people. Why do we love smoking with friends?

  • It brings out the best (and sometimes worst) in us. No matter what the end result is, the experience is almost always a good one. When smoking brings out the best, when everyone is in cohesion and the vibe is good, then the euphoric feelings are seemingly endless. And on the other hand, when it brings out the worst in us, it’s usually because one of your friends is annmarijuana photooying the crap out of you. But would they really be your friend if they weren’t? Sometimes, the most intense emotions, either happy or mad, can end up as great memories that you can look back on and laugh at in the future.
  • You forgot the lighter? Oh well, your friends always have your back. So many times I’ve been running low on weed or forgot my lighter, and my friends spotted me without a second thought.
  • It’s an unforgettable bonding experience. The same way that drinking is, smoking is very social. Usually it’s happening in a relaxed environment – everyone’s either sitting around waiting for their turn, or they’re just enjoying the moment. Either way, this downtime stimulates conversation and interaction.
  • Movies are funnier. Have you ever gone to a movie with that one friend who laughs at everything and it was contagious? Well, if you choose to watch a movie high, it will probably be funnier because of the mental state you’re in, and because of the friends you’ve surrounded yourself with.
  • You can play games. What board game is meant for one person? Do yourself a favor: go grab some friends and have an elevated game night. Pick-up sports, Cards Against Humanity, whatever you want. I promise you won’t regret it.
  • Always smoke with a really good chef. I have a friend who decides that he’s the best chef in the world every time that we smoke together. He’s not amazing, but he’s acceptable – I’m not complaining.