Meet The Squaxin Island Tribe

Located on the Squaxin Island Indian Reservation, Elevation is the first retail cannabis shop to open on tribal land, which marks a historical moment for the tribe and for the I-502 system.

Elevation operates under the I-502 system through a formal compact regulated by the Washington State Liquor & Cannabis Board. This cannabis retail venture was created to diversify tribal enterprises and assist in securing the tribe’s economic future. All profits from Elevation support crucial infrastructure such as healthcare, education, economic development and employment for the Squaxin Island Tribe.

At Elevation, it is our commitment to provide an unmatched level of service to every customer on every visit. With many years of combined cannabis knowledge, our highly trained staff guides each service experience by listening to the combination of product preferences, ideal consumption methods and lifestyle choices that effect your buying decision. Join us on a product tour where we will assist in identifying which product is right for you.

For more information about the Squaxin Island Tribe visit http://squaxinisland.org/


Only persons twenty-one and over are permitted in the store. Legal identification, generally a valid driver’s license or government-issued photo identification containing proof of age, is required for purchasing alcoholic beverages. Don’t worry, no record will be kept of your ID.
Now that recreational marijuana use is legal in Washington anyone over the age of twenty-one and with a valid form of ID can enter a licensed recreational marijuana store and legally buy marijuana.
By State law, no marijuana products may be opened or consumed while on store property. This includes the parking lot.
Marijuana consumption is legal for adults in private locations such as residences in Washington State. It is illegal to consume marijuana, concentrates or infused edibles in public places including streets, sidewalks, cafes, public parks, etc. Consumption of marijuana on federal lands or properties is a federal crime. Violating these public-use laws may result in state or federal penalties, fines and possibly incarceration. Although it is legal to drive with marijuana in its original, sealed container, driving under the influence of marijuana is a crime.
A number of factors go into the price of legal, recreational marijuana. The largest of which is tax, often more than 50% of the total retail price. Additionally, like many products, supply and demand can have a very large impact on wholesale and retail price.
No. All and any marijuana products that are purchased must be consumed in Washington State and may not be transported across state lines.
Under the state-tribal marijuana compact, a tribal tax equivalent to the state excise tax must be applied to sales on Squaxin Island Tribal Lands.
Existing federal laws make it difficult for customers to use checks, credit cards, debit cards, or any kind of electronic payment system to buy recreational marijuana. Because of this, purchases at Elevation must be made in cash at this time.
Yes, there is an ATM located inside the shop.
By State law, purchases are limited to a total of:

  • One ounce of marijuana flower (Twenty-eight grams)
  • Sixteen ounces of marijuana edibles
  • Seven grams of marijuana concentrate, and
  • Seventy-two ounces of marijuana-infused beverages.
No. Marijuana and products containing marijuana may only be sold by licensed retailers in Washington.